Symptoms of Osteoarthritis

Symptoms of Osteoarthritis  3D render of the legs of a female medical skeleton with knee joints highlightedAs with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) the Symptoms of Osteoarthritis come on gradually but the difference in this case is that it tends to come on over years not weeks or months. When a joint has the symptoms of Osteoarthritis it means it cannot functions properly and you will notice deterioration in its range of motion and you may feel pain and stiffness.

General Symptoms of Symptoms of Osteoarthritis

  • Stiffness in the joints – one of the most common symptoms, generally you feel it first thing in the morning and after sitting down for a long time. Once you start moving again this stiffness usually passes quite quickly.
  • Movement deterioration- as symptoms become move advanced the range of movement of the joint reduces or becomes difficult. Carrying out every day normal activates can be a problem, unlike the normal morning stiffness if you have difficultly moving your joints it does not tend to wear off.
  • Swelling- Soft tissue swelling caused by extra fluid in the areas also the shape of the joint may change due to hard bony growths.
  • Muscle Weakness – Muscles around the affected joint can become weak due to muscle wasting from lack of use.
  • Deep aching joint pain- The pain tends to be deep and lingering and can spread from the affected area, it can be a burning pain or quite a sever ache.
  • Noise coming from the joint – This takes the form of a crunching or popping noise when you move them, if you put your hand on the joint you can actually feel it as well as hear it. You can experience this when climbing up the stairs.
  • Joint cannot support Weight or suddenly give way- This can happen because your muscles have weakened and a bad movement and sharp pain can conspire to bring you down.

The Variable Symptoms of Osteoarthritis.

There are times when the symptoms can vary for no definable reason, but can be more noticeable  when there is cold or damp weather or if you have suddenly been through a period of strenuous activity. The symptoms of Osteoarthritis can be on-going and the condition is chronic and basically requires you to manage your lifestyle in order to subdue the symptoms, Treatment for a Swollen Knee or Remedies for Arthritis you can find in the next  page.


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Swollen Knee