Struggling with arthritis can be a severely painful situation. The pain of having inflamed joints and cartilage is often moderate to severe. It is a condition which affects millions of men and women every year and can even show up in children. Take the advice here to combat this debilitating condition and live an enhanced life in spite of arthritis pain.

Acupuncture can be very effective for chronic arthritis. This will help ease your pain that is connected to your arthritis. If this method is something you want to try, make sure to do so regularly, because isolated events will not provide lasting results.

TIP! Avoid cigarette smoke, and if you smoke, quit. Even though smoking may seem to help inflammation, this is an illusion.

Avoid taking prescription pain medication for your arthritis unless it is absolutely essential. Pain killers simply mask the problem instead of solving it, and many of them can be addictive. If, however, you feel the need to take prescribed pain killers, stick closely to the directions supplied.

Don’t try to do everything if you suffer from psoriatic arthritis. Your energy is compromised. Do not ignore the signs of fatigue, or you will make your situation even worse. Try putting your energy into the things which matter most to you. You should not feel like you have to be everywhere at once for everyone, especially since you really can not.

Surprisingly, developing a strong core will help with joint pain. Research has proven that strong abdominal muscles improve posture, which in turn prevents joint damage. Be careful when working out, however, so you don’t overexert yourself.

TIP! Joint pain can be relieved through the use of both hot and cold packs. Try applying ice packs and a heating pad alternatively.

Try to wear a knee brace. Having surgery on your knees should be your last resort. Knee braces can often reduce the swelling and the pain associated with arthritis in those joints. It can even be worn while your sleeping.

As a treatment for any fatigue-causing pain, look to heat. Some people swear by cold as the best way to treat pain, but it’s not the case for anyone who suffers from arthritis. When pain is fatiguing you need warm packs, as it will help you to gain energy as well as relieving the pain.

Be sure to eat a healthful amount of protein. If you suffer from arthritis, your body uses more protein than a non-arthritic person. Therefore, it is vital that you eat enough of it. Vegetarians especially need to find lots of good sources to get enough protein.

TIP! You could start practicing yoga. Studies have proven that the relaxation on stretching involved in yoga does a lot to alleviate symptoms of arthritis.

Be sure you have a strong group of people around you who can lend you support if you are an arthritis sufferer. It is important to build up a strong supportive circle of friends, family members and professionals to assist you with this experience. Support groups are also very helpful. It will give you the chance to talk to others who are also coping with arthritis, and probably dealing with the same things that you are.

Arthritis affects everybody differently, so you may have a hard time figuring out exactly what works to help you manage your symptoms. The tips mentioned here are more of a general set of useful ideas to help all arthritis sufferers deal with the inflammation and pain of their affliction. These suggestions will help you get some relief from arthritis symptoms.

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